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Nice to see Kookie remembered who to say this time. I was JUST about to say this. J Hope and Suga opted out of this one this time HauteAesthetic said: And her ex husband was on Facebook spilling all the tea on her, tumblr and PULL exposed her and had all the receipts. Stephanie is a known user and koreaboo. Unless they ending their situation-ship on good terms and can sill work together. Although some people thought that Honey J was with Simon D based off their Instagram pictures and interactions.

We’re not dating!

Their agencies have finally admitted they relationship is very much true. I was literally happy dancing the day the news broke out. It was all over Kpop fansites, new sites, forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They are both extremely sweet, friendly and down-to-earth people. They both had their share of hardships living in South Korea and also reached great heights of success.

Obviously, being from the States they had a lot more in common than one can think of.

thekshallow, take a look: And when the dating scandal broke out everyone rode out on the hate, to hate her more. Everyone is one their toes, to jump and hate at every opportunity they get. September September September A very gradual weight .

Nobody can be as badass as Soo, yo! She eats an average of times in a one day. Soo never had a boyfriend. Taeyeon busted out one of her sleeping habits: She can eat 3 scoops of ice cream in 5 minutes. She was once asked for a dare in a variety show to put on a swimming tube and do the Gee crab dance in a coffee shop.

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Khuntoria Dating By serendipity Thursday, April 3, 1, , 54, 0. Date Jul 1, Were Really Dating Now – khuntoria nichkhun romance victoria. Are Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating?. By grandpagyu June 25,

“Nooo, we’re not dating. Really. I swear.” she makes a swear sign. [] PBR – Complete! WOW! I have read lots and lots of TaeNy FF about roommate/schoolmate concept, but wow! This one was the best. I’ve read the whole story straight in one sitting but it feels like it was ages since I started reading it. The push-and.

Ff yadong hyorin kai Ff yadong hyorin kai Selamat membaca “kriing” suara alarm kai meramaikan kamar tidur member exo k. Browse hyorin fanfics and stories. Fair, smooth and light skin is often the norm in K-Pop, but sometimes we see idols who have sun kissed skin. Disini aku ngasi rekomendasi bukan dari segi cerita aja, tapi juga dari bahasa dan kerumitan cerita. Tapi, jaebal unnie izinkan aku bersamanya sebentar saja. Bukan hanya FF series biasa dan FF yang selalu bisa berdiri sendiri.

Ia bingung harus berbuat apa sekarang. Father, Mother, 2 Older Sisters Skills: Ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping, locking dances Facts: Sehun daritadi udah keringet dingin pas baca di adegan yadong, sedangkan Luhan berkebalikan dari Sehun, hatinya merasa penasaran maksud dari kata ‘ini’, ‘itu’ dan apalah yang biasa ada di ff yadong. Cast lainnya bisa muncul sesuai mood author. Selama 3 tahun aku tinggal di Jerman dan bersekolah disana, dan sekarang aku sudah kembali ke Seoul tempat kelahiranku sendiri.

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Milmaran 0 Hold on your snsd members dating rumors before your mind wonders who that guy is and which of the two member is dating. Hold on your horses before your mind wonders who that guy is and which of the two member is dating. Hold on your horses before snsd members dating rumors mind wonders ruors that guy is and which of the two member is dating.

Hari ini iseng-iseng buat wallpaper baru. Novi lihat dari HD picture terbaru Girls’ Generation bagus juga untuk menjadi bahan wallpaper YoonYul, ya itung-itung sambil nunggu Girls’ Generation comeback di MCountdown jadi ya curi-curi waktu buat photoshop dikit-dikit.

Seringnya oennie Tiffany SNSD tampil di tengah — tengah para member menimbulkan statement jika dirinya telah menggeser posisi YoonA dari kedudukannya saat ini menjadi center of group. Opini yang berkembang di kalangan publik saat ini memang berasalan. Meski tak mendapat banyak porsi untuk menyanyi, YoonA selalu menjadi pusat perhatian dalam video klip tersebut karena ia adalah image dari SNSD.

Damn, pick up the phone ya? Kangin Oppa yang satu ini sudah lebih dulu melakukan Wamilnya pada tahun Jadwal kerjanya setiap hari dari jam Yesung Menurut ketentuan sebenarnya Yesung akan WAMIL pada tahun , tapi yeppa akan wamil tahun bulan juni nanti jadi otomatis nggak ikut SS5 huaaaa sedihnya kehilangan oppaa:

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She was so immersed in the program that she is currently watching when the doorbell buzzed. She frowned looking at the clock. Who would come in their home at this hour?

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Taeyeon had never felt this way. She felt something weird inside her stomach, something that was ready to fly. Yes, people called it butterfly, yet she refused to believe until she felt it herself. And she was very excited, yet terrified. She used to not believe in love. She saw how many people got betrayed by love, saw them crying their heart out because of love. That was what Taeyeon thought all the time. And she made a promise to herself to not be fooled by love.

Until she met this girl. Taeyeon watched Tiffany Hwang working on her assignment inside library.


I decide to save you some embarrassment and open the door. You throw me a puzzled expression. You snort and gently bump my shoulder as you walk by before taking a seat on the end of my bed.

She said that one of the main reasons she and others still believes “TaeNy is real” is because Tiffany’s own relatives / friends are liking TaeNy related posts on their Instagrams, even after the dating scandals.

Tiffany masih berada di dalam kamar rahasia dan melihat Taeyon berlari ke arahnya. Baby apa yang salah? Mata Taeyeon melebar saat ia melihat kamar rahasianya dibuka. Dia melihat Tiffany dan tersenyum. Dan untuk apa bonek itu?! Dia terlihat seperti aku?

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I was bored so I went to twitter. And this is what I saw: Is she really dating? Who and since when? I also checked this site. Which is the one above the last one.

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Few days ago, japanese fans spotted Taeyeon and Tiffany at Disney Sea. In fact, they have also gone on a date with the other members as well. But is it normal for best friends to fly to Japan just to have a date at Disney Sea instead of just resting or spending some time with the other members or friends in Korea? This is not really what you really call a friendly date. An appointment for a particular time, especially with a person to whom one is sexually or romantically attached. Tiffany was wearing the 39 shirt and Taeyeon was wearing pink pants.

Or maybe the reason why they wore those is because they just want to wear them that day. At that point, I feel suspicious of them. Because they freakin flew to Japan without the other members! So I was like.. When I woke up the next day!!!

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The devil having cloven hooves wuold have no feeling in his toes, so the rhyme was a way of detecting Old Nick from an innocent. Can you point me to a reference? Since the Devil doesn’t have a toe, this is all just sand in our eyes, to “show” that “nigger” isn’t “nigger. Maybe someone else will I’ve removed it in the process of merging in Eenie Meenie ; if anyone can verify it, they can add it back in.

Jun 04,  · Within Kpop there are many groups who have a distorted view of reality, but none come close to SM stanners. They are THE MOST delusional collection of horny fangirls put : Anti Kpop-Fangirl.

Aku belum menemukan yang tepat. Hanya merasa tak ada hal yang bisa kutanyakan. Jadi kutanyakan agar ada bahan pembicaraan kita. Aku akan merasa beruntung jika kau saja yang menjadi yeojachinguku. Baru kali ini aku dipukul yeoja yang hampir sama sakitnya seperti dipukul oleh namja. Dan takkan bisa marah pada yeoja sepertimu. Kau itu teman terbaikku. Jadi berjanjilah, jangan pernah menjauhiku sekalipun, yaksok?