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Community About We’ve spent the last year disregarding sleep, excitedly ranting to our friends and repeatedly draining our bank accounts to create our proof-of-concept. We’ve built a solid, modern engine entirely from scratch and our testers are having fun. We and our players! Want to watch the smoother, prettier, 60fps version of our video? Matchmaking – Quickly find games of any type or simply jump on a server with friends. In-game, multiplayer map editor – Build maps with friends then smear those friends across the walls. In-game replay editor – Easily create frag films and highlights. LAN support – Grab your computer, your friends and a case of something caffeinated and enjoy the lowest pings possible through a tangled mess of CAT cable. High Performance – Reflex uses a custom built engine targeting fps and we don’t cap framerates so melt your GPU if you want Dedicated Servers – Run your own servers, with your own settings.

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Lure the Lion wrote: Test your battle strategies against a range of AI difficulty levels. Fight across all the environments and multiplayer game modes with as many AI and co-op friends or enemies! Strongholds is a fast-paced, timed game mode where the objective is to control more bases than your opponent when the timer stops. Domination offers the classic RTS gameplay of Halo Wars, now with all the new units, leaders, special abilities, and depth of Halo Wars 2.

Build your base, build your army, and battle for control of the map and supremacy of the Ark!

Oct 22,  · Real Reason why Blizz doesn’t support Player Interaction; Search Search all Forums i’ve got a quick question about matchmaking / custom games in d3 well, for pvp there will be some kind of matchmaking systems (like in wc3, sc2) (but is it like 2on2 in sc you have to make a team and join at the same time? would be complicated and a.

Hey there Mooseman and m0rdiN. First of all thanks for your time. Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers and of course tell us a little bit about your job at Dota-League? Apart from that I mostly take care of public relations- , marketing- and sponsoring related matter and of course do everything I can to improve the site in any way possible.

That can range from news-writing to helping out Carnie, m0rdin and Spudlich and all the other admins with the league- and tournament systems. I am 26 years old, from Germany and finished my studies in Media-design last year with the focus on video and film. I finished my education in spring at the university of applied sciences in Duesseldorf in business economics. During my academic studies I played DotA and founded the DotA-League with 3 friends of mine, which is one of the favourite platforms to play DotA nowadays.

At the beginning I coded the website and did a lot of administrative work, but today I am acting more in the background.

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Posted by Disrepute LoL has shown the world that team games are where it’s at, but hey we didn’t even need that. The intelligent few among us have been saying for maybe a decade or more that focusing on duel was a mistake. It kills the community. No community means no players. No players means no audience.

Mar 04,  · Matches Played This player played in 61 matches: Date: Round: Team 1: Team 2: Result: Highlander Season 15 Preseason Cup []4 Mar , Round 1 (Mid A).

After first interview was so nicely received I made more ambitious one and collected here as many Quake players as I could for you to tell you about Quake and a new patch: How did your adventure with Quake start? Xhep Back in I excitedly told the locker room before football practice that I finally had cable internet.

A teammate of mine said he had a few games I should try now that I had proper internet and the next practice he brought two cd-roms with him. One with Quakeworld on it and one with Quake 2 on it. I spend the first few months playing a lot of QWTF with my friends before we made the switch to Quake 2.


Written by Brett HellaBrett , http: This entire guide may seem long-winded, but that is because Gundam Versus is its own genre. Unlike other games, to learn Gundam Versus you must accept to learning an entirely different kind of game than you’ve ever played. While most of us agree that learning Gundam is not hard, it may be frustrating for people who are not used to learning a completely different skill set from square one.

Jun 20,  · I would put The Rock and Stone Cold in one corner And Hogan and Flair in the other corner {all of them in their prime} First all of them would come in the ring and look at each other and then flair and hogan would start the match with a cheap : Resolved.

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It’s casual fun playing together. I remember having a lot of fun, with a big part coming from the social experiences, playing CS: But now, playing competitively literally means you have to deal with wankers every goddamn time.

Nov 10,  · Wir kämpfen gegen Princess Butt, die dickärschige Global Prinzessin! Mein Reff Code: DerDummbabbler Pvpro: Cs:Go Sk.

Your experience on this site will be improved by allowing cookies. Allow cookies The rise of Chaos: Where many publishers would have just left their old game behind for good, Blizzard puts the fighting gloves back on and looks for revenge on their own contempt for a still popular considering its age and highly praised game. A true classic with an almost cult following. However the changes Blizzard is now working on will look like, the most major change happened on the 1st of July In the games alpha stages, burrows weren’t able to pick up peons to shoot.

Heroes were made in the main building and for undead, the abomination was a hero unit too. As Arthas, with noble intentions, we tried to save Azeroth from the undead scourge, just to fall to our own ambitions, ultimately becoming the Death Knight through the power of Frostmourne. We enslaved these same lands with the scourge and the help of Kel’Thuzad the Lich, freed Grom Hellscream from demonic powers and built the foundations of Kalimdor with warchief Thrall.

And now, with the expansion, we can experience new and fantastic stories surrounding our heroes and heroines. Storytelling aside, professional gamers adapted quickly to the new maps and the possibilities that the game gave to their individual way of playing and big daddy Reign Of Chaos had outlived its usefulness in a matter of moments.

The Frozen Throne grew to the number one powerhouse in all RTS games at a certain point in history and was, together with CounterStrike, the major eSports title everyone was talking about. That’s the story until WarCrafts slow decline started a few years later.

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I hate this cell shaded graphics! Never again will you trick me into something like this. Originally Posted by Sellaz32 It’s very glitchy at this point with the rosters, but you CAN play with new legends in the main game. Can you elaborate on this please? I haven’t found any options to do so. And whoever asked about cell-shading, I have found no option to turn it off in Legends Showcase.

Auf geht´s das Team trifft sich im eigenem Bootcamp und werden erstmal einige Taktiken trainieren, danach wird das was im Training trainiert wurde in FaceIt ausgeübt.

Join into a lobby with 1, 2, 3, or 4 friends then matchmake for a game, or just join solo and it’ll look for 4 other guys to play with. It’ll stop making you wait half an hour to play while waiting for the other games to finish horrible design imo. Not when I’m waiting but when I’m playing it’s so much easier to make a comeback on cheesers that jack up lucky 3s and actually hit them.

It’s so easy to get stripped and be down before you even have a chance to score. It’s just horrible, and if I use the back down animation to guard my dribble another person can just run up behind me and get an even easier strip. And if you try and pass out of any sort of pressure it’s always to the wrong guy or a bad pass regardless of your playmaking ability. If you watch an NBA game, there isn’t many dunks period.

Maybe the same amount as you see in a 10 minute game to 15 as you do in a 48 minute contest. Building upon that, you might see a poster dunk in every other NBA game.. It’s hard enough staying in front of people but when you back up and they pull up confidently from 30 ft away to hit a 2 it’s like a joke. Not even Kobe does this. It’s too easy to just do crosses and behind the backs and get speed bursts past your defender. If someone’s playing good d then the offensive player shouldn’t be able to drive past you period.

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