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Can you see through these real-life optical illusions? Glass canning jars are available in a range of sizes and styles designed specifically for home canning. Different types of canning jars are available, with their appropriate use determined by the method being used and foods being preserved. All glass canning jars are suitable for use in pressure cookers and boiling water canners, and they generally are reusable. Some jars also are labeled as suitable for both canning and freezing. Glass jars used for commercially manufactured products should not be used in home canning, because such jars are intended for one-time use. Glass canning jars are available in either wide-mouth or regular-mouth designs. Wide-mouth canning jars are used for canning larger produce and for ensuring easier access to the contents after canning. The wide-mouth jars are straighter and more uniform in shape, whereas regular-mouth jars taper inward at the top. Regular-mouth jars are better suited for sliced produce, syrups and jams.

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Metal containers can be used only once. They require special sealing equipment and are much more costly than jars. Regular and wide-mouth Mason-type, threaded, home-canning jars with self-sealing lids are the best choice. Wide-mouth jars have openings of about 3 inches, making them more easily filled and emptied.

The earliest logo was the intertwined BBGMC—Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company—used on jars made in Buffalo, New York. Rejoice if you find one of those; Buffalo jars are pretty rare. They were first made in Buffalo in and for several years after.

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How to Date Atlas Jars

Anyone have information on this? Thanks, Kym Pete Hensel Jr. What you are looking for in a Crown jar if you want some value, are unique colours, such as olive green, amber, or amethyst. Crown jars in colours like this tend to fetch a nice amount of money.

The “collectibility” of the jars would be a matter of opinion, but they all sound like relatively recent clear glass jars that are great for canning. Sometimes the original boxes, if in good condition, are considered just as collectible, if not more, as the jars themselves.

Finding that perfect spot sometimes can be a challenge and the “Do’s and Don’ts” of storage are important to keep in mind. They will not be shelf stable and could make someone sick if consumed or worse! Don’t store your jars in a hot garage or in a basement near the heater or boiler. Do find a cool place between 50 and 70 degrees to keep your jars. If the contents of the jars are stored in a warm place or in direct sunlight the food may lose some of its eating quality in a few weeks or months, sooner if the temperature is anything like Vegas in the summer!

Don’t store your jars in wet or damp area. Do find a location that is dry and has some circulation. Dampness may rust the metal lids and rings and could cause leakage so the food will spoil. Storing the jars in a cool dark pantry, closet, or some have even stored them under their bed, but in the house is optimal. Don’t store your jars with the rings still on the lid.

Do take the rings off! If there is a problem and bacteria develops in the jar the lid will release from the build up of gas inside the jar. The lid will be lose and when you open the jar and the lid will just slide right off.

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During this time they manufactured a limited range of Jars and Insulators when compared to some of the other manufacturers. The Insulator is a CD and was produced at some time during the company’s existence at the Sidney plant. The insulators made by this manufacturer are found in a variety of colors ranging from green, straw, gray, amber and purple.

Aug 30,  · Some Canadian made canning jars, particularly the “Improved Gem Jar” made by Dominion Glass/Domglas/Consumers Glass have a year number (e.g. 53) stamped into the bottom, but I haven’t seen this with most other canning jar manufacturers.

Vintage vanity jars are easy to collect. They are small and look great on a vanity, in a bathroom, or on a dresser. Vintage vanity jars come in lots of terrific colors–milk glass, blue, amber, fuschia, green. Some of the jars are round and squat with a lid, others are taller. Most of the vintage vanity jars have some type of lid, making them perfect for button containers, bead holders, or cosmetics.

There are just oodles of uses for vintage vanity jars. If you are looking for vintage and antique glass jars, then Ebay is the best place to find them. Sellers on Ebay are reliable, and prices are reasonable. Antique Apothecary Jars We are so used to manufactured glass today that it is hard to understand how glass was made before the current manufacturing processes were developed. Apothecaries used glass jars to protect and store chemicals for laboratory purposes.

How to Date Old Ball Mason Jars (with Pictures)

The company started making mason jars back in , and many people today still use these for canning, or collect the jars as a hobby. There are many ways to date old Ball mason jars, and one of the easiest is to look at the logo. Along with the logo, you can sometimes use the color, size, and other distinguishing marks to help date a mason jar. This is one of the earliest logos used by Ball, back when the company was known as the Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company.

Jun 06,  · How to Date Old Ball Mason Jars. In this Article: Article Summary Dating the Logo Locating Other Identifying Marks Knowing What Marks and Labels to Disregard Community Q&A Ball mason jars are a type of home canning jar made by the Ball Corporation. The company started making mason jars back in , and many people today still use these for canning, or collect the jars as a 90%().

Dating jars Jul The rounded shape of the jars is attractive, arguably more interesting than the straight sides of wide-mouth Ball and Kerr jars. Instructions Look for a ring of glass or a dark indention on the base of the jar. If the jar has this characteristic, known as a pontil scar, it shows that it may have been held with a pontil rod to protect the glassblower from the hot glass while the jar was being made.

The first glass jars were made without a mold, so if you do not find a mold seam, the glass jar may have been made before After this date, glass jars that were made with machines were given mold seams running from the bottom of the glass jar to the top of the glass jar. Many homes have old glass jars sitting in the back of the kitchen cupboard, storing nails in the garage or found empty.

Labels are commonly used to identify the contents of glass jars with pertinent information to the items such as freshness dates for. Food canning works by creating enough heat to kill all organisms and enzymes that could spoil food and sealing out any new ones from entering. Often chosen by homeowners for their sleek look, ceramic glass stove tops seem easier to clean than traditional electric or gas stove. If you are attempting to guess the date that a jar was manufactured.

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The jar[ edit ] A wide-mouth Mason jar filled with pickles In the United States, standard-size Mason jars are made of soda-lime glass and come in two sizes: They are also produced in a variety of volumes, including cup half-pint , pint , quart , and half- gallon. Among the most common U.

Feb 17,  · Some Canadian made canning jars, particularly the “Improved Gem Jar” made by Dominion Glass/Domglas/Consumers Glass have a year number (e.g. 53) stamped into the bottom, but I haven’t seen this with most other canning jar manufacturers.

The quality of supermarket produce is generally very good, but nothing compares to the flavor and texture of produce harvested locally at the very peak of ripeness. For most foods, that pinnacle of quality only lasts a few weeks at best, so frugal homemakers who want to preserve their garden’s bounty often turn to home canning. Properly canned foods retain their quality for several months and remain food safe even longer.

How Canning Works The microorganisms that cause food spoilage mostly require oxygen to survive and can’t withstand high temperatures. If you heat foods to the boiling temperature within their jars, it kills almost any bacteria present. The heated air inside the jar expands and most of it is forced out from under the lid, which then seals itself tightly when the jar cools.

This vacuum seal prevents any outside bacteria or mold spores from entering the jar and the heat from the canning process kills most microorganisms inside the jar.

Value of Old Canning Jars

The thick walls of these jars, makes them ideal for canning, and has made it the preferred method of preserving food in many homes. In John Landis Mason patented his sealing method for jars, and the Mason jar was born. The screw on lids of these jars creates a small vacuum that keeps the seal tight and protect food from spoiling. Different Uses for Various Sizes Mason jars can be bought in a great variety of sizes and styles.

So why would we need different sized mouth openings?

This Bottle Dating page (and website in general) is designed to address what the website author refers to as “utilitarian” bottles & jars (click for more information). Utilitarian items makes up the bulk of the bottles produced during the 19th century and first half of the 20th century.

Dating Old Atlas Jars Dating Old Atlas Jars Old canning jars are popular among collectors for their lovely colors, interesting shapes and the nostalgic memories they evoke. Many of us remember our. This jar was acquired at an estate sale. It is quite old , as evidenced by the many bubbles in the glass. There is no number on the bottom. It is a Mason Atlas. How to Date Atlas Jars. Old canning jars are popular among collectors for their lovely colors, interesting shapes and the nostalgic memories they evoke.

Many of Many old Hazel- Atlas bottle and jar bases may be found among beach glass I have a pint size canning jar with a Hazel- Atlas mark I am trying to date ;. So if you have some old jars , how do you know their true age? If you have a Ball jar , you. Thousands of canning jars were embossed with the Mason patent date ,. That was the date when John Mason received his patent for the.

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