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Where are the best cities to live in Portugal? Here, we take a look at some of the best cities to live in Portugal, based on their popularity and proximity, before moving on to some options further afield. Where to live in Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon ticks many of the main boxes for expats, with a diverse range of different lifestyles available across its neighbourhoods. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is situated on the Southwestern Coast. It boasts a climate that is warm in the spring and not too hot in the summer and offers something for everyone such is the diverse array of attractions. There are plenty of wonderful places to eat and to be entertained as well as many architectural delights.

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Perched high on a hillside in Tenoes, some feet above the ground, it is accessed by funicular, car or on foot via a magnificent metre stairway. There has been a building on the site for centuries, dating back at least as far as , when a chapel was erected in dedication to the Holy Cross. It was rebuilt twice during the 15th and 16th centuries, and again during the 17th century, in , when a pilgrimage church and six chapels were built, dedicated to Bom Jesus Good Jesus.

The building of the present sanctuary began during the 18th century, erected to a neoclassical design by the renowned architect Carlos Amarante, under the order of Rodrigo de Moura Telles, then Archbishop of Braga, whose coat of arms is located above the gateway.

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Sometimes called the “Portuguese Rome” for its many churches, Braga is an ancient town in northwest Portugal. Its history and livelihood are tied to Christianity dating to the 3rd century. The city’s 12th-century Sé (Cathedral) is still one of the most popular attractions. Just outside of.

The cathedral is mandatory, as are several of the old churches, chapels and monasteries in the area. You have to see the imposing old mansions around the city, festooned with azulejos and taking you back to aristocratic life in Braga in days gone by. Lets explore the best things to do in Braga: This sanctuary is a pilgrimage site and has been attracting religious devotees since at least the 14th century.

And devoted is what you need to be to make it up the stairway, which rises more than metres and has steps. These stairs zigzag up the slope and are adorned with Baroque sculpture to inspire you as you climb. On the way up look out for the fountains, which are themed on the five senses. Your goal is a Neoclassical church completed in , but the real appeal lies in the journey and then the exhilarating views of Braga at the top.


Braga Braga is situated in the heart of the fertile Minho province in north-western Portugal, surrounded by a gently rolling landscape of mountains and forests. One of Portugal’s main religious centres, the city is renowned for its baroque churches, splendid 18th century houses and beautiful parks and gardens. The old city is solemn and antique, although industry and commerce have brought a modern way of life, complemented by local universities, contemporary restaurants and lively bars.

On Thursday mornings, Braga hosts the largest market in the region, with stalls selling everything from fresh produce to traditional ceramics. On a hill about 5 kilometres 3. Beyond it is Mount Sameiro, where a colossal statue of the Virgin Mary overlooks the city.

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Renowned for world-class whale watching, hot mineral springs, and quaint seaside towns, each island has its own fascinating identity. Historic sites, gorgeous beaches and tasty cuisine also make Aveiro a popular tourist destination. These all offer lovely architecture and art works.

Braga, for me, is a lesser-known city in Northern Portugal. However, I was surprised to learn that it is, in fact, Portugal’s third-largest city.

There is no formal city government, only municipal government authority, with local administration handled by the individual juntas de freguesia or civil parish councils. Economy The major industries in the municipality are construction, metallurgy and mechanics, software development and web design. The computer industry is growing rapidly. Transportation Braga is serviced by both regional and high-speed rail connection to major centres in the region. Architecture The city of Braga is rich in architectural buildings dating back to the late Neolithic and Roman eras, when it became a center for settlement.

Apart from many of the sites and monuments located throughout the municipality of Braga , the historical city has been a storehouse of religious, military and civic architecture that includes many of the following sites: Civic Arch of the New Gate Portuguese: Arco da Porta Nova , the 18th century city gate implemented to substitute the early Gothic entranceway; Roman Thermae of Maximinus Portuguese: Seven Sources Aqueduct Portuguese: Sete Fontes , a complex network of aqueducts that provided potable water to citizenry of Braga; Theatro Circo Portuguese: Teatro Circo de Braga , 20th century revivalist theatre, known for its architecture, as much for the films, theatre plays and performances; Military Tower of Santiago Portuguese:

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A network of stone ruins dating back 2, years, Citânia de Briteiros is one of the last-known bastions of Celtic civilization in Portugal, falling to the Roman Empire in the 4th century AD.

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Once you get to Porto Airport, you can catch the following transports to Braga: It alternates with Guimaraes as the northernmost terminus of Alfa Pendular high-speed and Intercidades long-distance trains, although not all trains reach either city – Braga sees five long-distance services daily, and less on weekends and holidays. The long-distance trains connect Braga with, in. Braga is also a terminus for one of the local train lines extending from Porto Suburbanes de Grande Porto.

It is worth noting that due to the terminus character of the railway lines in northern Portugal, nearby cities are not always connected to each other. For example, travelling from Braga to Guimaraes or Viana do Castelo requires going back towards Porto and changing to a different train.

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