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Rated 5 out of 5 by Jennjenn from Beautiful My 8 year old daughter absolutely loves this in her Paris themed bedroom! So in love with this chandelier, I both for my girls room, and make it so beautiful!! Thank you Ikeia for the amazing products and great quality!!! The hanging bracket was wider than my existing ceiling can so the bracket rested on the ceiling drywall. Consequently, the light does not fit flush with my ceiling. This light is designed to either hang from a very high ceiling or low over a table. I adjusted the chain as much as I could and it just fits my space, although the amount I had to wrap the chain and electrical cord was excessive and takes away from the overall delicate appearance.

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Stage lighting instrument In the context of lighting design, a lighting instrument also called a luminaire or lantern is a device that produces controlled lighting as part of the effects a lighting designer brings to a show. The term lighting instrument is preferred to light to avoid confusion between light and light sources. There are a variety of instruments frequently used in the theater. Although they vary in many ways they all have the following four basic components in one form or other: Light source always referred to as a ‘ lamp ‘, never called a ‘bulb’.

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Some hang from buildings, while others are placed on or just above the ground. Paper lanterns occur in societies around the world. Modern varieties often place an electric light in a decorative glass case. Chinese lanterns in the night sky of Lijiang, Yunnan The ancient Chinese sometimes captured fireflies in transparent or semi-transparent containers and used them as short-term lanterns.

Raise the Red Lantern , a Chinese film, prominently features lanterns as a motif. Lanterns are used in many Asian festivals. During the Ghost Festival , lotus shaped lanterns are set afloat in rivers and seas to symbolic guide the lost souls of forgotten ancestors to the afterlife. During the Lantern Festival , the displaying of many lanterns is still a common sight on the 15th day of the first lunar month throughout China.

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Does LED will have a significant advantage in this respect? Between the T8 and the LED. The LED was 20degrees farh cooler after running for a half hour. The ballast temp seemed to change very slightly in favour of LED but I would not say enough to way into a return on investment. My husband installed them 30 years ago and is capable of doing the work to replace the lights.

I am confused as what I should opt for.

Before digital lighting control was developed, each parameter of lighting control needed a dedicated wire. This was messy and tedious to troubleshoot. For a short period each manufacturer used its own digital control system, but this locked users into using a single brand of light fixture.

You might want to take a close look at what’s there now and how it’s installed before you go buy your new fixture. Be sure the new one can be installed similar to the existing one I’m talking about how it’s screwed in for support, not the wiring. You should be able to install the new one the exact same way as the old one, but occasionally the lighting manufacturers get tricky about it especially since many fixtures are made overseas. Wiring nuts make attaching the new wiring a lot easier; this are small plastic and metal “thingys” for attaching two wires together.

You current wiring probably uses them and you can reuse the ones you have. In the old days they used to tape the two wires together. If you need to buy new ones, they’re relatively inexpensive. This is a pretty easy job, just be sure you have something solid to stand on to do it if you need it I’m not sure whether you’re talking about a wall-mounted or ceiling fixture , and maybe someone to hold a flashlight for you while you’re doing the change-over since you won’t have light in the room at the time.

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Find the right post mount light for city planning, commercial developments and neighborhood improvement – online at Sign Bracket Store. With a host of outdoor lamp post styles to choose from, this category of products satisfies a need for functional and attractive park lights, neighborhood lights and street lighting styles. From urban sidewalks, to a rural nature preserve, the right lamp post adds personality while increasing nighttime safety.

Our assortment of post lights includes commercial-grade fixtures made from outdoor-rated materials and finishes.

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This blog now covers 7 ways you can convert your fluorescent light fixtures to LED. How do you replace your fluorescent tubes with LED? Let us count the ways! In today’s blog, we break down the advantages and disadvantages of each of your options. If you have fluorescent fixtures and are eying the cost- and energy-savings of switching to LED lighting, you’ll find there are two paths you can take: But within those paths are a number of options, depending on the type and location of your fixtures, your lighting goals, and your budget.

Whichever you go with in the end, you’re guaranteed reduce both your energy use and operating costs by a significant amount.

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Philips Bodine fluorescent emergency ballasts may be installed inside, on top of or remote from the fixture, depending on the specific emergency ballast, fixture and application involved.

August 17, by Brynne Important: Before doing any electrical work in your home, you should consult with an electrician I did! Want to see lots more awesome pictures of this fabulous DIY light fixture? Of course you do! Check them out right here in Part 1. First, decide what you want your light fixture to look like. I based mine on the track lighting options I was considering for the kitchen, since I knew a long, narrow shape would work best.

If you can imagine a shape composed of straight lines, you can probably create it! It helps to know a few basic plumbing pipe piece shapes and names, so you know what you have to work with. The perfect building blocks for our light fixture as they are pre-threaded on both ends. These pieces are all connector pieces — they screw onto the threaded ends of nipples and let you form bends and t-shapes. The floor flange is a perfect top piece for securing your light fixture to the ceiling more on that later.


First, trailer lights are merely clones of the lights running lights, directional signals, and brake lights that are mounted internally on the rear of all lowing vehicles. Unlike the vehicle lights enclosed in steel and plastic, trailer lights are exposed to rain, snow, salt, and the occasional dunking in fresh or salt water when the boat is launched. The wires are exposed and subject to chafe and damage and the connectors usually brass are particularly prone to corrosion.

Trailers also have small wheels, do a lot more bumping and jarring around than tow vehicles, and as a result the filaments in trailer light bulbs tend to fail more often than vehicle light bulbs. Trailer light rigs are usually of one of three varieties. Rig “A” has the light fixtures permanently bolted to the metal frame of the trailer and the ground “wire” is actually the entire trailer frame joined to the tow vehicle via the metal trailer hitch.

Our Round High Bay fixtures have a 50,+ hour life and a 5 Year warranty to back it up. These American Lighting Systems W Round High Bay fixtures are made tough. The housings of the fixture are a powder-coated Magnesium-Fin design, which serves as the fixture heat sink.

Before digital lighting control was developed, each parameter of lighting control needed a dedicated wire. This was messy and tedious to troubleshoot. For a short period each manufacturer used its own digital control system, but this locked users into using a single brand of light fixture. The adoption of DMX as the standard system for lighting control solved these problems by allowing users to mix different brands and use a single, common control wire.

The order of the lights does not matter, but the final fixture in the chain must have its termination switch set to “On. Refer to each lighting fixture’s documentation to determine how many channels each light requires. If a light has two different control parameters, such as iris size and output level, it will require two different channels. DMX channel 3 will be available for the next light. Switch 1 has a value of 1, switch 2 has a value of 2, switch 3 has a value of 4, switch 4 has a value of 8, switch 5 has a value of 16, switch 6 has a value of 32, switch 7 has a value of 64, switch 8 has a value of , and switch 9 has a value of The sum of the corresponding values of each switch turned on will determine the start address of a light fixture.

For example, engaging switches 1 and 3 will yield a DMX address of 5 because their respective binary values are 1 and 4. Tip Light fixtures can share a DMX start address.

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Newer c-clamps tend to be constructed of aluminum , although steel is also available. C-clamps function by affixing a bolt the “shaft bolt” to the hardware they are to hold in place, such as through the yoke of a lighting instrument, and securely fastening this bolt to the clamp shaft. The open end of the clamp is then placed over the batten, and a bolt the “clamp bolt” is tightened to secure the c-clamp.

C-clamps for stage lighting fixtures usually also have a pan screw also known as a “grub bolt” , which when loosened will allow the clamp shaft, and therefore the fixture, to be rotated degrees while maintaining a secure connection to the batten. When using c-clamps care must be taken to not over-torque the clamp bolt which affixes the clamp to the batten.

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Turn off the electricity to the circuit you’ll be working on. Mark the locations for the recessed lights on the ceiling. Choose locations that fall between joists and away from other obstructions. Drill a hole through the drywall ceiling at each light location using a drill and 6-inch-diameter hole saw. Attach a cable connector to the electrical box on the light fixture, then insert the cable into the box.

Strip the insulation from the end of the electrical cable, then make the wire connections to the light fixture: Secure each wire connection with twist-on connectors. Snap the cover back onto the light fixture’s electrical box. Push the light-fixture housing up into the hole and press it tight against the ceiling. Next, reach inside the housing and push in the four metal clips. Securely lock each clip by tapping it with a hammer and slotted screwdriver.

Repeat to connect and install the remaining recessed-light housings. From above the ceiling, find the existing electrical cable that comes from the wall switch and connect it to the new cable strung between the recessed lights.