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Article Recommendations Abstract Absolute dating of mass movements is crucial for disentangling possible release factors and determining the frequency of events. Here, we present an overview of a recent approach to dendrochronological dating of rockfalls, flows, landslides and avalanches. The results, based on 69 casestudies, show that methodological approaches to sampling and material processing differ considerably for different types of mass movements. Landslides are usually detected through abrupt growth changes and changes in stem eccentricity, whereas high-energy events as avalanches and flows are mostly identified by the formation of traumatic resin ducts, reaction wood, growth injuries and eccentricity changes. Cross-dating of dead wood is applicable as well. The dating of most mass movements except landslides is common, even with sub-annual resolution. In comparison to other methods of absolute dating, the main benefit of dendrochronology still lies in the high temporal resolution of the results. If living material is accessible, on-going research progress makes absolute dating of most mass-wasting events possible with sub-annual precision.

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Belarus as a Proxy for “Slavic invasions” Slavs may be correct. I recall an article on Davidskis blog wich said, the best Proxy for the migrants that entered Poland during the “Slavic Invasions” are Belarus. It however claimed, there still is no better modern Proxy for Polands population before the SLav-Invasions other than modern Poles. Rob “Their findings w. At the other hand this article not only does not show any results that would make less likely a Mesolithic Balkan presence of YHg I, but also compatible with a possible Neolithic spread in Belorussia.

Mauricio Fuentes, University of Gothenburg, University of Gothenburg Department, Graduate Student. Studies Dendrochronology, Dendroclimatology, and Forest Ecology. and explore its utility for facilitating dendro-historical dating of conifer samples. in the central Scandinavian Mountains during the Medieval Climate Anomaly and the early.

Spiritual Products online store Note: Gunnar Heinsohn is a premier scholar who has striven for chronology to overcome the influence Biblical fundamentalism, mainstream dogma, and Velikovsky’s revisions by–in his own words–letting the archaeological strata be his Occam’s Razor. Before and after the 1st millennium CE, Viking territory in Scandinavia develops in tandem with the rest of the world.

Yet, within that millennium, Viking culture falls behind abysmally by some years until it begins to catch up in the 8th c. At that point it is the famous Viking longship, with its oars and square sail, suitable for ocean voyage and river warfare alike, that made these Norsemen such a swift and effective power. Just as these daring seafarers shocked the rest of Europe in the 8th th c.

Why did it take years for these raiders of the 1st millennium CE to finally build ports and use sails?


December 31, Several Greek and Roman writers recorded a lunar eclipse that occured before the battle between Alexander the Great’s army and Persian forces at Gaugamela near Arbela todays Erbil in northern Iraq. The date of the battle is given by Arrian as during the month Pyanopsion when Aristophanes was archon at Athens.

This means early in the autumn October or in our calendar. There was a large lunar eclipse on September 20, but also a second one on October 6.

ments in radiocarbon dating terrestrial records between 15, and 10, 14C years BP. Problems Scandinavian climato-/biozone boundaries, this chrono- , ‘dendro years BP’ for .

The name derives from the buildings’ structure of post and lintel construction, a type of timber framing where the load-bearing ore-pine posts are called stafr in Old Norse stav in modern Norwegian. Two related church building types also named for their structural elements, the post church and palisade church , are often also called ‘stave churches’. Originally much more widespread, most of the surviving stave churches are in Norway.

One other church, the Anglo-Saxon Greensted Church in England , exhibits many similarities with a stave church but is generally considered a palisade church. Construction Heddal stave church , Notodden , the largest stave church in Norway Archaeological excavations have shown that stave churches, best represented today by the Borgund stave church , are descended from palisade constructions and from later churches with earth-bound posts. Similar palisade constructions are known from buildings from the Viking Age.

Logs were split in two halves, set or rammed into the earth generally called post in ground construction and given a roof.

Introduction: The Bronze Age of Europe

Some kind of headache for the ice core people who use this date to calibrate the older part of their cores. But as one scientist pointed out: If you are right, then everybody else will be wrong.

Daly, A; Läänelaid, A () ‘The dendrochronological dating of three paintings in the style of Bosch/Bruegel’ In: Hermens, E (eds). On the Trail of Bosch and Bruegel: Four Paintings under Magnification. Glasgow. Archetype Publications/SMK. Aoife Daly; (in press) ‘Dendrochronological Analysis of the wreck’ In: Holger Schweitzer (eds).

Committee Chair, is professor in Physical Geography at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden and worked with tree rings since the mid ‘s. His main research has been conducted in the Scandinavian Mts. Presently, he is focused on attempting to reconstruct the general atmospheric circulation, but he also wants to learn more about mangrove-sea grass interactions in the tropics.

Kevin Anchukaitis is a paleoclimatologist and dendrochronologist specializing in the reconstruction and analysis of large-scale climate variability and change over the Common Era and the interaction between past climate and human society. Kevin uses an array of techniques to develop and interpret evidence for past, present, and future climate. His research program has included extensive fieldwork throughout Asia and the Americas.

Using tree-ring to understand climate and forest change. Rob Wilson is a Reader in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of St Andrews and is passionate about using tree-rings to understand environmental change with specific emphasis on the reconstruction of past climate. He has also dabbled in the use of corals and historical archives for studying past climate as they allow the examination of different seasons and regions and complement the dendro record very well.

More information about his lab is available. From she worked as a postdoc at the for Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, focused on combined analyses of dendrochronological techniques and satellite remote sensing observations to better understand the processes in the climate-vegetation system.

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The Tarnowo II church under the invocation of St. Nicholas is a wooden construction built in a timbered wall technique – Fig. It has one rectangular transept and slightly narrower simple presbytery. A rectangular tower built in a post technique is placed at the church west side.

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Baillie Historic buildings in Ireland often lack any real evidence of building date. This is in sharp contrast to the general situation in England and on the Continent where documentary evidence is very much more complete. In the case of many Irish castles, monasteries and tower houses where only fragments of broken walls remain, nothing will ever be known apart from what can be recovered through archaeological excavation.

Until recently the same comment would have been valid for most of the extant early buildings, at least in the North of Ireland. The farmhouse or cottage of a peasant farmer constructed from local materials and built by local craftsmen will, in general, have given rise to no documentation or record. However, the development of dendrochronology or tree-ring dating has for the first time in this country opened up the possibility of establishing accurate dates for the structural timbers of a whole range of buildings as well as sites of a purely archaeological character.

The basic theory of the dendrochronological method is of extreme simplicity. Most trees in a temperate climate develop one growth increment or ring per year, thus over their lifetime they leave a record of the number of years they have been growing. This record is preserved as a series of concentric rings exhibited in a cross-section of their main stem.

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Old World megadroughts and pluvials during the Common Era Science advances, Climate model projections suggest widespread drying in the Mediterranean Basin and wetting in Fen The OWDA matches historical accounts of severe drought and wetness with a spatial completeness not previously available. In addition, megadroughts reconstructed over north-central Europe in the 11th and mid th centuries reinforce other evidence from North America and Asia that droughts were more severe, extensive, and prolonged over Northern Hemisphere land areas before the 20th century, with an inadequate understanding of To av bygningene i Bygad

Finished with the trusty “three-strap sling” arrangement, the leather strap-work was supplemented with simple geometric stamped decoration (itself borrowed from a sheath from Coppergate, York) and an elegant bronze strap-divider, buckle and strap-end, of Scandinavian Borre .

The serious business, adventure and musings of navy life around the world. It’s not everything but its something. Monday, September 10, I’m reading: The Mystery Snow BrigTweet this! The Mystery Snow Brig Some years have now past since this unique and mysterious find, and no investigation is planned. If nothing is done soon, this ship may well be wiped out by one of the many trawler fishers of the Baltic Sea. Despite bad visibility near the bottom, the crew got a spectacular sight on their TV monitors — an old ship standing upright with its two masts standing and bowsprit, perfectly intact.

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ISU Dendro Lab Archived Presentations Bishop, G.I. and Speer, J.H. () Periodical Cicadas and Tree-Ring Growth in Greene-Sullivan State Forest, Indiana. Annual Meeting, The Association of American Geographers, Chicago, IL.

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